Netizens re-examine Yubin’s past remark about dating, “I won’t date someone publicly if I’m not going to get married”

As Wonder Girls Yubin recently confirmed her romance with tennis player Kwon Soon Woo, her remark about her ideal type is re-examined.

When asked about dating publicly in an interview with a media outlet, Yubin said, “If you like someone as much as you want to show everyone, you can publicize your relationship”, adding “ In this case, if you break up, traces of your relationship still remain. I will have to think of dating publicly very carefully if I’m not going to get married”.


On August 3rd last year, Yubin also revealed her opinions about love on SBS’s “Direct Love”. The female singer said, “My relationship lasted at least two years and my longest relationship was six years”, adding “In any relationship, I seriously thought about marrying the other person when I dated him”.

She continued, “My parents often ask me about my plans to get married and have children”, adding “Since former Wonder Girls member Hyelim already got married and had a son, they also told me to get married quickly”.

Meanwhile, rumors of Yubin dating tennis player Kwon Soon Woo broke out on May 22nd, and Yubin’s agency RRR Entertainment later confirmed it. They stated, “The two are meeting with good feelings. It’s hard for the company to know the details because it’s the artist’s private life.”


Yubin’s lover Kwon Soon Woo is a tennis star. He is currently the No.1 tennis player in Korea. In addition, he was selected as Player of the Year (MVP) by Tennis Korea for three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021 and is also the first Korean player to win the championship at the ATP Tour tournament (Singles) twice. He also appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “King of Mask Singer” and JTBC’s “Soccer 2” in 2021.

The two are said to have been dating without being worried about other people’s gaze. People in the sports community already knew that Yubin and Kwon Soon Woo had a meal together after the finale of the 2023 Davis Cup held in Songpa-gu, Seoul last February.

Source: Nate

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