aespa Karina Makes Fans Gasp with Her Black Hair Visuals at the Airport  

aespa Karina has returned to black hair after going blonde for the comeback.

On May 22nd, aespa departed for Paris, France to attend the 76th Cannes Film Festival. 

Upon aespa’s arrival at the airport, Karina showcased a stylish all-black fashion look from head to toe. Karina has dyed her hair back to black from blonde, capturing fans’ attention.

While promoting the title track “Spicy” from the mini-album “MY WORLD,” Karina went blonde and underwent a dramatic transformation. 


Despite receiving much praise for her blonde hair like “she looks like a Barbie doll” wherever she went, due to the damage of bleaching her hair, Karina said, “I don’t think I’ll go blonde again.

Karina expressed her regret, saying, “This will be the last time. My hair suffers too much. After washing, my hair looks like a burnt sparrow. I can see my hair flying when I dry it.”

Netizens reacted to Karina’s return to black hair, leaving comments such as, “Karina is meant to have black hair,” “Karina’s beauty is insane,” “Karina has returned as the cool beauty,” “aespa is truly a group of visuals,” “Karina’s black hair is amazing,” and more.

Source: wikitree. 

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