EXO Baekhyun directly explains the group purchase of socks “I was prepared for negative views”

On May 22nd, Baekhyun delivered a long message to EXO’s fandom “EXO-L” through the official fan communication app “Bubble”. Baekhyun said, “I’m not trying to make money using EXO-Ls. I proceeded with the group purchase with the thought ‘I hope EXO-Ls can buy my favorite socks cheaply, too!’.


The group purchase in question began on May 14th when fans were interested in Baekhyun’s favorite white socks on SNS. When asked by a fan “Where did you buy these white socks? I’ve never seen such tight-fisted white socks“, Baekhyun replied, “I bought 100 of these. I don’t know the information. However, they’re really tight-fisted.” Afterwards, the reaction “Let’s try a group purchase” appeared among the fandom.

Baekhyun accepted this and started the group purchase excitedly, saying, “EXO-Ls, let’s buy them cheaper! Shall we try?” He even looked for a purchasing company through his stylist. The fandom also had hope for the plan, and Baekhyun really prepared the group purchase of socks through his manager. In response to fans’ excessive enthusiasm, he said, “You have to buy them cheaply no matter what. Our EXO-Ls should spend less money and be happy.”


The heart of Baekhyun, who thinks of his fans more than anyone else, was very dazzling, but on the other hand, this case was controversial because it was rare. There was a misunderstanding among some netizens that Baekhyun was trying to make money through the group purchase of goods.

Baekhyun confessed, “Honestly, I was prepared for negative views. But it didn’t matter. If you can buy them cheaply because of me, that’s enough.”

While wrapping up his explanation, Baekhyun expressed his sincere affection for fans, “I didn’t want to do such a long explanation, but I hate seeing EXO-Ls get hurt more.” The deep sincerity in Baekhyun’s special challenge adds warmth.

Source: Nate

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