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“Show Me the Money” has begun recruiting contestants for Season 11… Jay Park also showed his intention to take on the challenge

Rapper Jay Park (Park Jae-beom), the former CEO of hip-hop label AOMG, drew attention as he considered competing in “Show Me the Money 11”.

On July 1st, Mnet began their open recruitment for rappers to participate in the 11th season of the hip-hop survival program “Show Me the Money (SMTM)”. Hiphopplaya, a hip-hop media site, reported the news on their official Instagram account and said “Tag anyone who you want to see on the show this season.

What drew attention from netizens was Jay Park’s comment under the post. He said, “Should I join for some fun?”, expressing his intention to apply as a contestant in “SMTM 11”. He added, “Will I be eliminated from the preliminary round?”, drawing laughter with his humble comment. 

Later, Jay Park continued to show his intention to challenge “SMTM 11” through his Instagram Story. He made a poll and asked fans to choose between “release R&B album” or “Join SMTM 11 as a contestant” for this year’s activity. 

“R&B album release” currently has more votes, but many people, mainly those in the hip-hop community, are showing support for Jay Park to challenge “SMTM 11” as a contestant.

Meanwhile, Jay Park appeared as a judge in Season 4 and 6 of “SMTM”. Rapper Swings, who used to be the judge on “SMTM”, made headlines when he joined “SMTM9” as a contestant.

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