After Hyuna’s departure, Cube Entertainment’s stock price began to rise again

After the news of HyunA leaving Cube was confirmed, many people expected that the company would soon collapse, and regret having fired an artist with 10 years of dedication. In fact, Cube’s situation is more positive than they thought.

After a long time of discussing on the final decision, Cube Entertainment had officially confirmed the termination of their contract with HyunA yesterday. This is considered as a tough punishment from Cube after HyunA and E’Dawn went against the company and confirmed their dating to the press in early August this year. This can definitely be listed as the biggest scandal of 2018, especially when HyunA has 10 years under Cube and is one of the prominent names that contribute to building a strong position for the company as today.

After the news of HyunA leaving Cube was confirmed, many people who loved her started to criticize the company like when the news of her got kicked out of the company a month ago. They claim that this is the end of Cube, and the company will soon go bankrupt in the near future. In fact, Cube shares plunged about 1.77% soon after HyunA confirmed leaving the company making her fans more satisfied with the thought that Cube would be nothing without HyunA.

HyunA’s first move after Cube confirmed the contract termination was to post a series of dating videos with E’Dawn on her personal Instagram, as a way to prove she was still happy even after being fired. So, what is the first move of Cube? They simply let things settle down after one night, and quickly announced the comeback news of BTOB the next morning.

Cube has reasons to do so because as soon as BTOB confirmed to come back in November with 6 members (except leader Eunkwang who is enlisted), the stock price immediately increased. At its highest point, Cube’s stock price hit 2,620 KRW, increasing 5.01% from the previous trading day. Whether BTOB’s comeback is a tough response that Cube wants to send to HyunA and her supporters or not, it is undeniable that this is the best evidence proving that the company will stand still after the scandal.

“HyunA’s career will be difficult without Cube” or “Cube will collapse without HyunA,” two opposite views are still being discussed by netizens over the past months. We still need more time to know if HyunA’s career is going to improve or collapse after leaving Cube. However, we cannot deny the fact that Cube is still and will continue to do well without HyunA.

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