Chanyeol vs RM, the battle of attraction between two famous male idols with dimples

The two are all male idols coming from popular idol groups. They are two representatives of handsome idols with dimples. They are probably the leader of BTS, RM and Chanyeol from the popular group EXO. They are both famous for having dimples. The dimples are deep and easy to see in both cheeks, which can be considered as their compelling attraction. Dispatch has collected some photos of RM and Chan-yeol.

The first one is RM from BTS

His attractive dimple…
…catches everyone’s eyes 
…catches everyone’s eyes
The most cool in this world
This is RM’s attractiveness

The next one is EXO’s Chanyeol

I am being drown into this dimple
Now I am having a hear attack due to this heart
Now I am having a hear attack due to this heart
Look at this dimple!
This dimple makes him cuter and cuter.

Sources: Dispatch

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