aespa’s Winter praised for having “the prettiest nose in Kpop”, netizens bring up (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon and TWICE’s Sana

aespa’s Winter has an impressively high and sharp nose, but some netizens suspect her of having a nose job. 

A topic about aespa’s Winter is receiving much attention from Korean netizens on an online community. On Pann, fans praise the SM female idol’s beautiful thin, pointed nose and high nose bridge like a sculpture. After a year of debut, Winter is getting prettier and constantly included in Kpop’s visual ranking, in which the tall nose is the highlight of her face. Some fans even left comments saying Winter is the female idol with the “best nose in K-pop”.

aespa Winter
aespa Winter
Winter gained much attention for her visuals on the stage for “Savage” on October 24
aespa Winter
Her high, pointy nose makes Winter’s face more look more charming every time she appears on camera
aespa Winter
Some fans voted Winter as the female idol with the prettiest nose in Kpop
aespa Winter
Not many female idols have stunning sharp noses like Winter

However, besides the compliments, many netizens think that aespa’s fans are overly flattering their idol. Winter being called “the female idol with the best nose in Kpop” is not convincing to the majority of netizens. According to many Korean netizens, TWICE’s Sana and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon both have prettier noses than Winter. Moreover, netizens claim that Winter’s nose is not likely to be naturally tall since she was suspected of undergoing plastic surgery to have her nose lifted. 

The pre-debut photos show that Winter had a completely different nose when she was in school. Her nose bridge was not as high as it is now. The nose’s tip is also quite big. However some of Winter’s fans claimed: “It’s okay even if she had plastic surgery, as long as she’s beautiful now”.

aespa Winter
The difference between Winter’s nose before debut and now
aespa Winter nose
Netizens think that in terms of “naturally beautiful nose”, Winter is not on the same level as TWICE’s Sana …
aespa Winter nose
…and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon.
  • Winter has changed a lot thanks to the nose. The nose is indeed the most important part of the face.
  • Plastic surgery or not, it is undeniable that she has a very beautiful nose.
  • Winter was pretty since debut but now she’s found the right style so she looks even more attractive
  • Winter’s nose is pretty? Look at Miyeon or Sana, those are the idols with the best noses.

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