Jessica Jung “competes” with Jennie for the title “Queen of Fashion:” a share love for fashion, a personal brand and established position in fashion 

These idols are influential in fashion on their own through their creativity and versatility with looks. 

According to SCMP, singer, actress and businesswoman Jessica Jung atttended the BLACKPINK concert  in Hong Kong, capturing the audience’s attention for her appearance. The reason she was there was to cheer for her friend, Jennie. 

AllKpop said that the duo became close by doing hair and skincare routines and even pilates together at the same place, with the same coach. 

jessica jung
Jessica is “competing” for the title “Queen of Fashion” with Jennie (Image: SCMP) 

A shared passion for Chanel 

Apart from their general interest in fashion, Jessica and Jennie are Chanel enthusiasts. They boast creative reinvention and versatility with presumbly simple sportswear, red-carpet outfits or masculine-looking items. 

Therefore, the audience believe both of them deserve the title “Queen of Style” in Korea. In 2021, Jessica released a vlog showing off her Chanel bag collection, revealing she had been buying at least 1 bag per year in her youth. Each bag is unique in color and size. 

Jessica jennie birthday
Jessica and Jennie share the love for Chanel (Image: SCMP) 

Moreover, Jessica’s closet is also filled with Chanel-branded items such as beanies, shoes and belts. 

Owner of luxury brands 

Jessica is stepping further into the fashion field by founding her own fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare, which combines tradition and modernity in their products. Dahyun (TWICE), Irene Kim and Krystal are the few celebrity names who have been using the brand’s products. 

The singer coordinates her outfits by combining her own brand’s items with luxury ones from Bvlgari Serpenti Forever or Hermès Kelly Danse. For an added atheletic feel, Jessica puts on a pair of Keds or Nikes. 

Jessica Jung
Jessica Jung
Jessica is the owner of Blanc & Eclare (Image: SCMP) 

Nonetheless, Jessica has a “go-to” brands when it comes to certain function: Givenchy and Celine’s sports products for everyday-wear or Valentino and Vera Wang to flaunt her seductiveness. 

As a model for Calvin Klein, Jessica is also sought after in the fashion world. With a distinguished fashion sense, she has collaborated with Casetify, Zalora as well as Revlon from 2018 to 2020. 

jessica jung instagram
Jessica boasts a diverse sense of fashion (Image: SCMP) 

Source: k14

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