Actress Go Ah-sung, “Goodbye, my best friend” towards her deceased mother

Go Ah-sung’s Instagram. Go Ah-sung paid tribute to her deceased mother.

On the 12th, actress Go Ah-sung posted a picture along with the words “Goodbye, my best friend” through her Instagram.

In the published photo, Go Ah-sung’s mother is smiling brightly while looking at the camera.

On the 6th, the management company Keyeast acknowledged that Go Ah-sung’s mother passed away while fighting against a chronic disease. It is known that Go Ah-sung had a quiet funeral with her family. And today (12th), Go Ah-sung posted a post expressing her longing and remembrance for her mother, making the hearts of many fans grieve.

Go Ah-sung appeared in the movie ‘Samjin Company English Class’ last year. 

Sources: nate

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