What would K-pop groups be like without one of their members?

Can K-pop groups do well when one of their members is absent from joint activities?

For fans, each K-pop group is like a perfect picture made up of inseparable puzzle pieces. Every member is irreplaceable. However, due to their hectic, strenuous schedules, there are times some members have to be absent from groups’ activities in order to ensure their health.


Recently, choreographer Lee Jung appeared as a guest on Naver’s GAP OF ITZY, where ITZY and Lee Jung had a conversation. However, Lia could not join them because of poor health.

When the members shared that there was no choreography for “Gas Me Up“, Lee Jung immediately decided to choreograph a small part and joined ITZY to perform. After only 10 minutes of practice, the girls had an excellent performance and received a good response. Lee Jung exclaimed, “This is what happens when dancers dance together.”

ITZY performed the choreography masterfully after only 10 minutes of practice with Lee Jung.
ITZY uses a soft toy to represent Lia.
Lia was absent because of poor health

Red Velvet

Red Velvet also has many activities when one of the members is absent. What’s heartwarming is that the remaining 4 girls will always reserve a special space when a member is not there. During the time when Wendy was injured, the 4 members always mentioned her and acted like she was still with them, proving Red Velvet’s strong bond.

red velvet
Yeri made room for Joy by creating a warm embrace.
red velvet
Whether at an awards ceremony or participating in a variety show, the girls always leave a special apace for the absent member
red velvet
Red Velvet with 4 members appeared sad on the red carpet after Wendy’s accident.
Wendy Red Velvet
Wendy once stopped working with Red Velvet for a long time due to an accident


The members of BTS are as close as real brothers. So, when a member happens to be absent, they always leave a place blank or use an object as a symbol for that member. This is why BTS fans are OT7.

The space between V and Jin is reserved for Suga.

During the press conference to release the album BE, BTS appeared with a 6-member lineup, without Suga. Therefore, the members left a blank space between V and Jin. BTS even took Suga’s standee with them when taking photos.

The group prepared a standee to represent Suga.


After becoming globally famous, the BLACKPINK girls had the opportunity to meet many famous Hollywood stars. However, in the group’s photos taken with international stars, Jisoo was regrettably absent.

BLACKPINK took a picture with The Chainsmokers but Jisoo was not present.
Fans regret that Jisoo missed the opportunity to meet Ariana Grande.
Jisoo was also not present when the group took a photo with DJ Snake


At the end of October 2021, due to health reasons, Jeongyeon had to temporarily suspend group activities to rest and recover. At that time, JYP opened for sale the Season’s Greetings calendar photo set for Japanese fans of TWICE, but there were only pictures of 8 members. Fans couldn’t believe that JYP would leave Jeongyeon out. This incident made many OT9 fans angry.

Jeongyeon temporarily stopped working due to health reasons.
JYP released a calendar with only 8 members’ images
Jeongyeon also did not appear in the promotional poster for the Japanese song “Doughnut”.

Fans feel sad whenever a member of a K-pop group has to miss out on the group’s activities. They wish the idols good health so that they can devote their full attention to the group. The warm attitudes of the remaining members toward the absentee, on the other hand, are what warms fans’ hearts.

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