A series of popular 2nd generation Kpop groups are about to come back soon!

By 2021, while the 3rd and 4th generation groups were in action, looking back at the 2nd generation groups, they had been around for more than 10 years.  Most groups are inactive for a while.  For a long time, the once-famous names “clash” each other on the Kpop race seemed to only exist in the past. However, in recent days, the 2nd generation groups have continuously shown signs of returning, causing people to crazy. 

After Seungri left the group, BIGBANG had only 4 members left.  Although not able to keep the original lineup, fans still expect the second-generation Kpop kings to return soon.  Each member’s share makes people believe in that comeback.  Most recently, G-Dragon revealed that he is working on the group’s new album.

A series of popular 2nd generation Kpop groups are about to come back soon!

The information was shared by G-Dragon in his latest interview with a newspaper.  He confirmed that he was in the process of preparing for BIGBANG’s comeback album.  G-Dragon said that he is focusing on writing lyrics, finding musical inspiration related to BIGBANG.

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It has been 5 years since BIGBANG released their latest album, MADE.  After that, the members completed their military service, and Taeyang got married.  If the pandemic didn’t break out, BIGBANG would have had a comeback stage at Coachella last year.


In the 2nd generation, apart from BIGBANG, another legendary YG group is 2NE1.  The 4 girls impressed the audience with their impressive MVs and unique music colours.  Although officially disbanded after 7 years of operation, fans are still looking forward to the reunion of the 4 talented girls.


Until April 14, the Korean media suddenly reported on the comeback of all 4 2NE1 members after 5 years of absence.  According to information, the song has been recorded and the group is expected to release the song this May.  The song is produced by member CL herself. 


However, the representative of CL suddenly denied the news published by the Korean newspaper, saying that 2NE1 members visited CL studio but had never recorded the group song.  However, fans still believe that the group is really preparing for their comeback, they just want to surprise fans.


2NE1’s “rivalry”, SNSD is also showing signs of return.  The SM’s “national girl group” suddenly appeared in the list of artists’ activities for the second half of 2021. According to the revealed SM’s plan, SNSD will come back this September with the 5th mini album.

Currently, there is not any confirmation from SM’s representatives as well as SNSD girls.  However, on the occasion of the “5,000 days” anniversary, all 8 SNSD members gathered through a video call, Sooyoung also shared it with fans, making everyone extremely excited.  Are they in a meeting to discuss their plans to return?

A series of popular 2nd generation Kpop groups are about to come back soon!


On the morning of April 15, the image of the 4 Highlight members going together to record for ‘Knowing Bros.’  The 4 boys hugged each other tightly to express their excitement and happiness.  It is known that this is the schedule in the group’s new album promotion plan.  And the management company has also confirmed that Highlight will officially return this May. 

A series of popular 2nd generation Kpop groups are about to come back soon!

The current Highlight line-up is missing another member, Junhyung, when he announced his departure from the group because of a scandal involving Seungri.  However, fans are always looking forward to the return of Highlight with their new hits.


Besides many groups’ future plans, there is a 2nd generation group that has actually made a comeback recently.  At the end of February, SHINee released the album Don’t Call Me.  This album marks the SHINee boys’ first comeback after about 2 years and 6 months since their 6th full album was released in September 2018.  The group also released another MV, Atlantis, on April 12.

A series of popular 2nd generation Kpop groups are about to come back soon!

2nd generation Kpop groups keep showing signs of return.  Although there are already confirmed groups, some groups have not, but it has been a long time since fans have the feeling of reliving the golden age of Kpop 2nd generation.

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