A lovely moment of aespa Winter and TXT Beomgyu accidentally caused IVE to be criticized

An action that helped aespa Winter receive a lot of praise from the public but accidentally caused IVE to be criticized.

Winter (aespa) and Beomgyu (TXT) are often said to look very similar.  Even many non-fans mistakenly think they are “twins” for Winter and Beomgyu as both coincidentally were born in 2001. At KBS Gayo Daechukje 2021 which took place on December 17, netizens had the opportunity to witness the lovely interaction moment of Winter and Beomgyu.

aespa Winter and TXT Beomgyu
Because of their similar looks, 
aespa Winter and TXT Beomgyu
Fans always imagine the scene of Beomgyu and Winter actually meeting in real life.

Specifically, at the end of the program, the artists performing at KBS Gayo Daechukje 2021 appeared on stage at the same time to greet fans. Both TXT and aespa appeared on this stage. Despite the fact that Winter and Beomgyu’s positions were quite far apart, they friendly and politely bowed to each other. 

aespa Winter and TXT Beomgyu
Beomgyu and Winter bowed to each other even though they were quite far apart

The interesting moment of the two idols made fans extremely excited.  This lovely greeting proves that gen 4 idols are also comfortable interacting with each other.

However, this lovely interaction inadvertently caused IVE to receive criticism. Specifically, IVE was recently accused of having a bad attitude and personality when they didn’t bow to the MCs at a music show. After these incidents, many netizens praised Winter for being very nice and polite to her colleague, and at the same time, criticized IVE for being disrespectful to their seniors.

  • The two stood quite far apart, but they were still very polite.
  • IVE should learn from Winter.
  • My twins finally had interaction in real life.
  • While Winter politely greeted her colleague from afar, IVE deliberately ignored the seniors as if they weren’t there.
  • IVE is such a lousy band.
  • Learn to respect your seniors first, IVE!
aespa Winter and TXT Beomgyu
Gen 4 idols are also comfortable interacting with each other.


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