An idol actor who gains attention via historical K-drama: stunning visuals, vastly improved acting 

Originally a Kpop idol, this actor has been the talk of town after appearing in “Alchemy of Souls”

Alchemy of Souls” is a famous historical-fantasy K-drama, which is reaching its finale and scheduled to air a 2nd season. Watching the series, many people are drawn to the male and female lead, yet a huge number also fall for the 2nd male lead Seo Yul. 


In “Alchemy of Souls”, Seo Yul is as gentle as the autumn, and is a genius son to a noble family who is perfect in all aspects. Intelligent and handsome as he is, however, Seo Yul is still a victim of the 2nd lead syndrome, and fails to win the heart of the female lead.

Playing Seo Yul is none other than young actor Hwang Min Hyun, who is known for his stunning and gentlemanly visuals. Clothes of nobility, which he wore in the show, also compliment his looks, while Hwang Min Hyun’s expressive acting manages to swoon the heart of many people. 

Alchemy Of Soul
Hwang Min Hyun is said to look the most dashing among the major cast of “Alchemy of Souls”

With his excellent portrayal in “Alchemy of Souls”, many people were surprised to learn that Hwang Min Hyun is originally a Kpop idol, and used to be a member of famous boy groups NU’EST and Wanna One. While a rookie in acting, Hwang Min Hyun actually made his entertainment industry debut way back in 2012, and appeared in various other MVs prior to that. 


At first, Hwang Min Hyun’s career did not look bright, with NU’EST doing badly due to severe mismanagement. However, he achieved a huge rebound in 2017 after appearing on the Mnet survival show “Produce 101 Season 2”, eventually getting 9th place in the finale and re-debuting in the project group Wanna One. He was active with Wanna One for over a year, before coming back to NU’EST and releasing “A Song For You” in celebration of the group’s 7th year anniversary. 

Regarding his acting career, Hwang Min Hyun first appeared as a minor character in the 2013 sitcom “Reckless Family”, and only returned in 2016 with “Their Distance”. He then took another long break until 2021, when he was casted for the school-drama “Live On”. Finally, in 2022, Hwang Min Hyun’s appearance in “Alchemy of Souls” experienced immense popularity and praise. 

Despite his lack of acting experience, Hwang Min Hyun is now a rising star with improved skills and outstanding visuals.

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