A famous MC exposed Son Ye Jin’s true personality, turned over the past X-Files incident

Is Son Ye Jin really a sweet, friendly person?

In the media, celebrities always present a pleasant and charming image. As a result, fans are eager to learn more about their true personalities in real life. Recently, male MC Jo Young Gu exposed Son Ye Jin’s true personality on his own YouTube channel.

Son Ye Jin is a very giving person, according to the male MC, and he can talk to her honestly. “Son Ye Jin is the only actress that makes me feel free to say anything. She is a kind and honest person. She’s the one I go to for advice, especially when I’m down or having a hard time. She expresses herself freely, especially when using alcohol, “– Jo Young Gu said. Finally, the male MC concluded, “There is no celebrity in Korea as beautiful and kind as her. A warm-hearted person.”

Son Ye jin
MC Jo Goung Gu revealed…
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..the real personality of Son Ye Jin…
Son Ye jin
…through a video on his YouTube channel

Jo Young Gu also mentioned the leak of X-Files files related to Son Ye Jin in 2005. This document had 113 pages and covered a series of celebrities’ secrets. The actress then subsequently rectified this information, and she burst into tears when mentioning it.

Jo Young Gu felt terrible since Son Ye Jin was one of the last celebrities he interviewed before leaving the entertainment industry. At the moment, the male MC was interviewing the actress while drunken, and everything had come to light. However, after all, she did not blame him at all.

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The male MC confided, “After that scandalous incident, it took me many years to dare to come back, and the first interview was also with Son Ye Jin. Despite my deep feelings, I had to apologize to her. She replied, ‘Why are you apologizing?’ She said that I am not a bad person as rumored, which touched me very much.”

At the end of the video, Jo Young Gu blessed her to be happy with Hyun Bin because she is a kind and warm-hearted person.

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Source: K14

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