Joy was praised for being sexy despite gaining weight and dressed in a discreet outfit

Performing at the 2018 Asian Song Festival, Joy continued to be the center of attention as her body figure and charisma become sexier and sexier.

Red Velvet recently joined “2018 Asian Song Festival” in Busan, South Korea on October 3rd. As always, the appearance of 5 girls has attracted a lot of attention.

After the performance, each member of Red Velvet became the trend theme on social networking Korea for a variety of reasons. But among them, Joy is still one of the most attractive members mostly thanks to her sexy body and attractive aura.

In the photos posted, Joy was said to have gained a bit more weight than before, but it didn’t affect Joy’s image at all. In a plain black dress and simple high heels, Joy used her own charm to fill the stage. Netizens have also given praise to Joy’s growing maturity, which has made her fulfill the sexy image that she pursues.

Red velvet joy 2018 Asian Song Festival 4
Red velvet joy 2018 Asian Song Festival 5
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