Lisa from BLACKPINK Reaches New Heights of Physical Perfection, Compared to Sailor Moon

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is praised as Kpop’s ‘body goddess’ with stunning figure compared to Sailor Moon

Lisa from BLACKPINK is widely known in Kpop as a top contender for the title of “body goddess”. Her latest achievement in this regard is being compared to Sailor Moon, as her figure has reached a new level of perfection.

lisa thumbnail
Lisa’s figure has now reached the level of perfection, being compared to Sailor Moon.

On social media, Lisa’s silhouette was placed next to that of Sailor Moon, and the resulting image caused a stir among fans. Many were amazed by the perfect proportions of BLACKPINK’s youngest member, who boasts charming shoulders, curvaceous and sexy lines, a tiny waist, and strikingly long legs. All these features combine to create a stunning appearance that resembles that of a supermodel, further cementing Lisa’s reputation as a beauty icon.

Lisa has a figure that every girl dreams of, with a perfect ratio like a model. Although thin, Lisa is still firm and has attractive curves.
BlackPink Lisa
Lisa is 1m67 tall and is not the tallest member of the group, but she has the longest and most attractive legs

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