Why “Crash Course In Romance” is the most watch-worthy healing K-drama currently

Ongoing K-drama “Crash Course In Romance” is drawing a lot of attention for its meaningful message and gentle humor. 

“Crash Course In Romance”, a new weekend drama of tvN, has been proving itself as a healing dosage with a cute and gentle story. At the same time, it is receiving positive feedback, with viewership ratings rising from 4% in episode 1 to 7.6% in episode 4, and flaunting excellent acting performances from all cast members. 

Crash Course in Romance

In particular, “Crash Course In Romance” revolves around two people who seem to never belong to the same world. First, there’s Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon) – a former athlete who now runs a side dish shop, at the same time raising her brother with developmental disorders and her teenage niece. Hae Yi, the niece, was abandoned by Haeng Seon’s older sister, so Haeng Seon raised the kid like her own daughter. 

Crash Course in Romance

Despite lacking the care of her mother, Hae Yi is a kind and understanding kid, who always gets high grades at school. Since the college entrance exam is approaching, Hae Yi becomes worried as all her friends attend cram school, and so expresses her wish to attend the class of Choi Chi Yeol – a superstar teacher. 

On the other hand, Choi Chi Yeol seems to lead a perfect life, yet has problems stomaching food. He only drinks coffee to get through each day, only to later discover that Haeng Seon’s dishes are the only kind he can eat. In the end, Choi Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon develop a strange customer-seller and teacher-parent relationship, leading to various hilarious situations. 

Crash Course in Romance

Boasting a story without much drama, “Crash Course In Romance” still draws in the audience with its simple and humorous messages about familial love, friendship, romance, and teacherhood. At the same time, the series unveiled the insane competitiveness in the cram school industry, with Chi Yeol working hard to maintain his superstar title. There is also a sense of mystery casted in the drama, hinting towards a possible death of Chi Yeol’s student that leaves him with a deep mental scar. 

In addition, “Crash Course in Romance” also has a top-notch cast, with Cannes’ Best Actress Jeon Do Yeon assuming the role of Haeng Seon. Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho proves his “healing prince” title by taking on another healing project after “Hospital Playlist”. Despite their 10-year age gap, the couple is able to exude a super natural chemistry and immersive performance that got the audience laughing and crying with them. Even the young actors and actresses add to the K-drama’s charms, boasting their own healing and bright storyline.

Source: k14

Photo: tvN

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