“Celebrity is hella cushy, right?” When asked by Tei, Sunmi opened her eyes wide and said “one letter”

Singers Tei and Sunmi’s conversation gave people a big laugh.

On Jan 26th, a video of Tei appearing on “Show!terview with Sunmi” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Mobidic”. In the video, Tei and Sunmi honestly talked about the job of “celebrity”.

Tei Sunmi

Tei, whose main job is a singer, opened a hamburger restaurant a few years ago. The two’s “Show!terview” content was conducted at Tei’s hamburger restaurant. While enjoying the hamburger, Sunmi asked, “Since you’re so serious about burgers, I think it’s about time you decided on your identification. What’s your day job? A singer? Or a burger place owner?

Tei Sunmi

Tei replied, “My day job is a singer. Of course, I’m a singer. I’ve even said it on a TV show. I put it my own way to clarify which one I love better. Celebrity is hella cushy.” The production team, including Sunmi, laughed loudly and cheered at Tei’s “Celebrity is hella cushy” remark.

Sunmi then said, “But I also think it is…” Tei smilingly confirmed, “Dayum cushy.” Sunmi opened her eyes wide and replied briefly “Yup“, making everyone burst into laughter. Sunmi added, “But it is… A little embarrassing to say it…

Tei Sunmi

Tei explained the background of his remark, “Actually, Lee Seok Hoon, a friend of mine… He once asked me ‘Should I open a restaurant like you?’ And I said ‘No, singer is hella cushy’. I said it as a joke, which went viral. It’s used as a meme.” He continued, “What I actually mean by that is ‘What you’ve been doing is the best fit for you’. Nothing new is easier than what you’ve been doing.

Tei started the hamburger business at the recommendation of Baek Jong Won, CEO of The Born Korea. He currently has two restaurants in Seoul with annual sales of about 1 billion won.

Meanwhile, Tei is active as a singer and is also appearing in the musical “LUDWIG: Beethoven the Piano”.

Source: Wikitree

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