“I can’t believe a father with two children is an idol”…Idols who were shunned after starting family

I became the ultimate traitor because I got married

Wonder Girls Sunye‘s confession is becoming a hot topic. Sunye, the group’s leader, was shunned by fans after announcing her marriage.

Sunye revealed her romantic relationship 5 years after debut, got married 7 years after debut and withdrew from Wonder Girls 9 years after debut.


She first revealed that she was dating James Park, an overseas Korean who is 5 years older than her, when appearing on SBS’ “Strong Heart” in 2011. She is currently married to James Park and has 3 children.

It was unusual for an idol member to directly reveal his/her romantic relationship. Sunye said she could be brave thanks to J. Y. Park’s advice. When she revealed her relationship, she confessed, “PD J. Y. Park cheered me on, saying, ‘I hope you don’t hesitate because of your popularity.’

Although she received permission and support from her agency, fans’ reaction was cold. It was because she was irresponsible to suddenly leave the group due to marriage as the group’s leader.

In fact, after Sunye got married, Wonder Girls’ hiatus was prolonged for 2~3 years, and fans criticized Sunye for ruining Wonder Girls, saying, “Wonder Girls’ hiatus is due to Sunye’s marriage and childcare.


Eventually, Sunye officially left Wonder Girls in 2015. When appearing on the March 19th broadcast of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”, she expressed her thoughts, “We also have our own lives. However, I understand how fans think ‘I want my favorite idol to stand the way I want’. When I announced my marriage, there was no communication channel with fans. So I’m sorry to fans.

EXO Chen is still being hated after announcing his marriage. Even ahead of EXO’s comeback as a whole, requests to remove him from the group are pouring out.

In 2020, Chen delivered the news of marriage and his wife’s pregnancy through a handwritten letter. Fans strongly expressed their disappointment towards Chen at the sudden marriage and pregnancy announcement. Fans demanded Chen’s withdrawal, saying that because of Chen, tags such as “pregnancy before marriage”, “married idol” and “baby daddy” were attached to EXO. Protests urging Chen to leave the group were also held offline.


Chen welcomed his eldest daughter in the year he got married and his second child on November 16th, 2021.

The reaction was even colder. Some fans responded negatively, such as “I can’t believe a father with two children is an idol“, “When are you going to leave EXO?” and “Don’t be an idol, be a father of children.

In response to continued demand for Chen’s withdrawal, SM Entertainment emphasized that Chen would not be kicked out, “We prioritized the members’ opinions. All EXO members expressed their intention that they want to continue together as they have until now.” EXO is set to make a comeback as a whole after finishing their “militatus (military hiatus)” this year.

Like Chen, iKON Bobby suddenly notified of marriage and his wife’s pregnancy.

In August 2021, Bobby announced his marriage through an apology,I promised to marry the person I love. Moreover, I will become a father this September. I should have told you about this earlier, but I’m sorry for the delay because I was worried.

ikon Bobby

The sudden news of his marriage was also surprising, but the fact that his wife would give birth next month came as a bigger shock to fans.

As iKON’s main rapper and the winner of Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 3”, Bobby stood out among his group members.

When appearing on a show last year, he confessed his feelings at that time. Bobby said, “After telling my parents and my company the fact, I visited the elders and explained the situation. I felt funny about myself after telling them all about the pregnancy. I thought, ‘I’m really living a spectacular life. I even speed up like this.’ I’m doing a job that should serve as an example for children and teenagers, but premarital pregnancy is not an exemplary thing. I felt so sorry.

It’s not that idols are not welcomed every time they get married. TVXQ Max Changmin is called a model of idol marriage announcements since he announced his marriage without affecting group activities during his inactive period. He actually received a lot of support from fans.


Idols are loved as a whole. From fans’ point of view, since the activities of the group as a whole are important, it is sensitive that one member’s inappropriate behavior will disrupt future group activities or leave scratches on the group’s image.

In order not to be hated by fans, it is essential to accurately grasp this part and deal with it appropriately.

Source: Naver

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