Behind-the-scenes secrets of Lisa’s million-like promotional photos

Lisa’s very ordinary moments attracted great attention from fans.

Not only is the top group, but BLACKPINK is also loved by many famous brands.  The girls helped the product to be sold out quickly thanks to the beautiful, glittering promotional images.  But have you ever been curious that the secrets behind the million-like advertising images of these famous female idols are?

Recently, the image of Lisa in the backstage in an advertisement suddenly went viral.  Although the image has not been edited, the female idol still shined with her attractive beauty and charisma.  She showed off her full body curves and beautiful long legs.

Notably, the fans couldn’t help but laugh when looking down at the female idol’s feet. Lisa’s expression was so cool, but when looking down at her feet, she made a very funny comedy with slippers.  It turns out that the following advertisement only took the female idol’s upper body, so it is understandable for Lisa to comfortably wear slippers.  This interesting comparison image is being wildly shared by fans and everyone agrees that idols are just like ordinary people.

Before that, fans also caught Lisa wearing slippers in the backstage of Youth With You press conference.  Fans couldn’t help but be excited to see that a few minutes ago just saw the female singer wearing high heels, but as soon as she left stage, Lisa changed a pair of more comfortable slippers. Ella also quickly followed Lisa, wearing sandals when filming the vlog.

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