Yuju is suspected of having plastic surgery

Yesterday, the official Instagram of GFriend uploaded the latest photos of the main vocalist Yuju.  Although fans left a lot of positive comments praising her fresh, healthy look, many Korean netizens noticed the difference in Yuju’s face in these photos.

 Many think that Yuju looks very different from the previous look that most people are familiar with.  Some even commented that they thought they were looking at Soojin ((G) I-DLE), although most netizens agreed that even though she might look a bit different, Yuju is still very beautiful with his current look.

yuju 78tig
yuju 6tuyiu 1
yuju 787yiguh 1

 Meanwhile, according to recent information from iMBC, G-Friend will come back with a new album in July.  The group is said to be filming a new MV this month, and agency Source Music said the details will be announced as soon as G-Friend’s official comeback date is confirmed.

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