The unbelievable amount of money Squid Game’s Jung Ho Yeon makes in a week: 21 times higher than Korea’s most powerful actor

The success of Squid Game not only boosts popularity, but also helps the cast earn huge amounts of money through advertising, especially the female lead Jung Ho Yeon.

During the past month, Squid Game has proved it is the most viral TV series on all social media platforms. The success of the series has not only significantly increased the actors’ reputation, but also their income by many times thanks to advertising deals.

Recently, the Korean media has revealed the actors’ payouts through endorsements on their social media accounts, based on research from the Influencer Marketing Hub.  Accordingly, the one who earns the most is the female lead Jung Ho Yeon, who plays Kang Sae Byeok in Squid Game. In just a week, the actress gets paid nearly 86,000 USD for adverts.

Jung Ho Yeon
Jung Ho Yeon is the most sought after cast member following the success of Squid Game

Before the series came out, her personal Instagram only had 400,000 followers. Following Squid Game’s global popularity, the model surpassed many famous seniors to become the most followed Korean actress, with more than 17 million followers. Thanks to that, her endorsement rate on Instagram also increases rapidly.

Jung Ho Yeon
Jung Ho Yeon became a global ambassador of a global high-end brand, her endorsement rates increase sharply

A post on her Instagram reportedly brings her 43,000 USD. Thus, in the past week, with only 2 endorsements, Ho Yeon made 86,000 USD. For comparison, an A-list actor who is one of the highest-paid celebrities in Korea – Lee Byung Hun only makes $2,000 from endorsement deals, 21.5 times lower than Jung Ho Yeon. It is no exaggeration to say that one role in Squid Game has changed Jung Ho Yeon’s life.

Jung Ho Yeon
Jung Ho Yeon has an endorsement rate that is 21.5 times higher than the powerful actor Lee Byung Hun

In addition, two other Squid Game actors who also make huge amounts of money off advertising are Lee Yoo Mi (in the role of Ji Yeon) and Heo Sung Tae (in the role of Jang Deok Su). Each promotional post of these actors also costs thousands of dollars.

Jung Ho Yeon
Each promotional post on the Instagram account of “Sulli look-alike” Lee Yoo Mi and…
… Heo Sung Tae also costs thousands of dollars

Source: K14

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