Current whereabouts of the girl who went viral for her beauty on TV and later became a famous K-drama actress 

Yoo In Na gained popularity even before her official debut. 

Actress Yoo In Na, who is famous for her innocent and sweet looks, has been drawing attention to her pre-debut past.  She appeared as a friend of Chung Mi, the main character of “I’m a Pet Season 1”, which aired in 2007, and boasted a beauty that was not much different from now even before her debut.

Yoo In-na

Yoo In Na appeared comfortably in a white sleeveless tee. Netizens were amazed by her visuals at the time, “As expected, Yoo In Na was pretty in the past too”, “She looks like it was taken yesterday”, “Vampire-like aging speed”, etc. 

Yoo In Na, who became a hot topic at the time by showing off her baby-face beauty before her debut, later debuted in 2009 by playing a friend of Hwang Jung Eum in MBC’s sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof”. In 2010, she played Ha Ji Won’s friend Im Ah Young  in “Secret Garden”. 

Yoo In-na

After gaining public recognition by playing friends of dramas’ female leads, she received acclaim for her first leading role in the 2012 tvN drama “Queen and I”.  

Throughout the years, Yoo In Na has proved her solid acting skills and charm by starring in historical dramas, modern dramas, and melodramas.

Yoo In-na

In 2013, she played Lee Yoo Shin in KBS’s drama “You Are The Best!”, led by IU and Jo Jung Suk. Yoo In Na and IU, who are best friends in the entertainment industry, began to strengthen their friendship through this drama.

IU and Yoo In Na always attend each other’s radio shows or premieres to show off their strong friendship. They often mention each other on various shows and express their affection for one another.

Yoo In Na IU

Yoo In Na said on a broadcast, “IU and I have been supporting each other for 10 years. When I’m worried or anxious, IU always tells me that I’m doing well. I do the same for her.”

Yoo In Na later played Yoo Se Mi, a friend who is jealous of the top actress played by Cheon Song Yi in “My Love from the Star” and perfectly pulled off the scene where her feelings of inferiority exploded, drawing viewers’ attention.

She also appeared as Kim Sun in her most popular drama “Goblin”, playing a cool and chic fried chicken restaurant owner with a painful love story. This is considered Yoo In Na’s most iconic character. Continuing her popularity, she garnered attention by reuniting with Lee Dong Wook in the rom-com drama “Touch Your Heart”. 

Currently, Yoo In Na has been confirmed to star in ENA’s upcoming original drama “Bora! Deborah” where she will play Deborah, a wannabe “love influencer”.

As she boasted her excellent sense and tips about love when appearing in love entertainment shows such as “Cafe Amor” and “Love of 7.7 Billion”, many fans pay attention to whether Yoo In Na will once again renew her “lifetime character” this time. 

Source: Daum

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