EXID members, who gathered to celebrate their 10th debut anniversary, finally came out on “Killing Voice”

“Chart reversing icon” EXID performed on “Killing Voice” to mark the 10th anniversary of their debut.

Dingo Music released a “Killing Voice” video of girl group EXID on their official Youtube channel on October 4th to celebrate the group’s 10th debut anniversary.

In the released video, EXID said, “We’re finally here on ‘Killing Voice’, a content that we’ve always wanted to do, with our 10th-anniversary album ‘X’. We would fill this video with songs that have been loved since our debut”, raising expectations. 

Starting with “L.I.E”, EXID then sang “Ah Yeah”, “HOT PINK”, “Up & Down”, “DDD”, “I Love You”, “Night Rather Than Day”, “LADY” and “ME&YOU”, captivating both eyes and ears of listeners with their amazing live singing and choreography.

In particular, EXID members also sang the title song “FIRE” of their 10th-anniversary album “X”, which was released in September, and the b-side track “IDK (I DON’T KNOW)” which has a unique and powerful energy.

Lastly, EXID’s Solji said, “We had a lot of fun today. Thank you so much to LEGGOs (EXID’s fandom), who have been with us for the past 10 years. Also, to the members, I love you all”, finishing their “Killing Voice” performance. 

“Killing Voice” presents the setlist selected by the artists themselves and it is the content that allows music listeners to vividly enjoy “voices” that can “kill” you through live singing.

Earlier, various artists, such as IU, MAMAMOO, Sung Si-kyung, Taeyeon, Koyote, Lee Hi, Seventeen, etc., already appeared on this program. In particular, IU attracted over 50 million views for her “Killing Voice” video, which is the highest view in the history of Dingo content. Taeyeon, whose name ranked at the top of various SNS searches immediately after her video was released, has also surpassed 27 million views.

Source: wikitree

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