Controversy Broke Out at Jennie’s (BLACKPINK) Epic Event: Korean Journalists Stage Mass Boycott and Leave Midway

Not a single photo came out. This happened at the opening event of American fashion brand Calvin Klein’s pop-up store in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

On the afternoon of May 10th, the JENNIE FOR CALVIN KLEIN capsule collection pop-up store was opened at a cafe in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. It is a place to showcase the limited edition JENNIE FOR CALVIN KLEIN (designed in cooperation with brand ambassador Jennie). Underwear sets, denim, T-shirts, etc. taking inspiration from Jennie’s usual casual clothing style were introduced.

Calvin Klein Global held a photo call event with the attendance of Jennie, Lee Hyori as well as Korean and foreign celebrities and influencers. About 20 people, including Sik-K, Hwang So Yoon, Kwon Young Deuk, Kwon Young Don, Kim Gun Woo, Lee Ho Jung, Shin Ye Eun, Cha Joo Young, Rowoon, Hwang In Youp, Kazuha, Hong Kong idols, singers and actors from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and influencers from China, America, Vietnamese attended the event.

The gathering of journalists, fans, event staff, and others jostling each other in the photography area created a suffocating atmosphere that left many spectators feeling overwhelmed.

However, more than 60 on-site photographers were overwhelmed. Only about 10 seats were available for domestic photographers in the narrow outdoor event venue, and more than half of them were assigned to foreign reporters.

Trying to take pictures in a crowded environment could have resulted in accidents. In the end, even Lee Hyori and Jennie, who did not have enough bodies even if they had ten, had to give up taking pictures and turn back.

How disappointed the stars who attended that day must have been. They came all dressed up, hoping for great pictures, but in the end, not a single photo was taken.

Jennie eventually uploaded photos of the event directly to her Instagram story due to the frustrating situation. She greeted fans by saying, “I couldn’t greet you for a long time because I was worried it might be dangerous~ Thank you, Blinks.” It seems that Jennie also thought it was not a suitable place to greet fans who came to see her.

It seems that Jennie herself was also not completely satisfied with the photoshoot location prepared by Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein, known for their famous jeans and underwear, has appointed Jennie, as well as BTS’s Jungkook, as global ambassadors and is putting effort into promoting and marketing.

However, while emphasizing cooperation with K-pop stars, Calvin Klein set up a pop-up event venue in Seongsu-dong, which is said to be the hottest spot in Korea, and ignored Korean photographers, only allocating spots for foreign journalists. It raises a question of who the event was for.

Source: Nate

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