Fans grew “obsessed” with NewJeans’ iconic bunny image

Fans wonder if the designing team will make any leap in their graphic style and image in the future. 

NewJeans is currently an attention-grabbing rookie girl group in K-pop for their sense of style, taste of music and narrative development throughout their releases. They are expected to grow even bigger in the future. 

Newjeans thumbnail
NewJeans is achieving many implausible feats in such a short period from their debut 

However, what is imprinted on the minds of the viewers at the moment is the bunny image in the cover of their products. 

For their first mini-album, NewJeans used a white-colored bunny against a blue backdrop for their cover image. They continued using the same imager for their singles “Ditto” and “OMG” but in different colors. 

The bunny image is used in the covers of NewJeans’ albums and only changes in color 

Recently, Creative Director Nayeon Kim shared a collection of 12 cover versions assembled by fans. These versions only differred in color but remained the same in terms of design and image. When fans learn of this sameness, they grew “obsessed” with the bunny image.

Creative Director Nayeon Kim shared a collection of 12 different color versions of NewJeans’ album covers assembled by fans 

While the bunny image is cute and endearing, fans wonder if the designers will make any changes in the future for NewJeans’ new releases. They are relating to the graphic designs by YG designers for BLACKPINK. While BLACKPINK’s past achievement posters were visually pleasing and grand, the more recent ones are simplified with only the group’s theme color and the MV viewing figures. 

The past posters congratulating BLACKPINK’s achievements
The current, simplified design style 

Source: k14

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