8-year couple Lee Da-hae ♥ Se7en to appear on a variety show together for the first time

Actress Lee Dae-hae and singer Se7en will appear on “Omniscient Interfering View” together for the first time.

The broadcast of MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View” aired on January 8th revealed Lee Da-hae’s daily life. In addition, Lee Da-hae also mentioned her lover Se7en on the show.

Lee Dae-hae Omniscient Interfering View

Lee Da-hae, whose hobby is dancing, visited a dance practice room and recalled a memory related to Se7en. The actress said, “We had a sincere fight while learning dancing. When the song was played, I told him I couldn’t do that, ‘Should I quit?’ and we just stopped it.”, drawing laughter.

Lee Dae-hae Omniscient Interfering View

The preview video for next week’s episode showed Lee Da-hae and Se7en appearing together, making the viewers more excited. The two have already been in a romantic relationship for 8 years.

Lee Dae-hae Omniscient Interfering View

Sitting next to Se7en, Lee Da-hae pressed the cheeks of Se7en and said, “You’re so cute”, making him blush. Se7en also looked at Lee Da-hae affectionately.

Lee Dae-hae Omniscient Interfering View

Then, Lee Da-hae shed tears while talking about her love story with Se7en, making the viewers question what had happened between the two.

Meanwhile, the broadcast of “Omniscient Interfering View”, featuring Lee Da-hae and Se7en’s appearance on an entertainment show together for the first time, will air at 11:10 PM on January 15th.


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