8 famous K-pop idols are Japanese “stan attractors”: Knet wondered do they really have nothing in common?

Korean netizens are looking for a common thing among these idols to find out the type of Kpop idol that Japanese fans love.

We all know that beauty depends on the eye of the beholder, so each person’s beauty standards are completely different. However, for Korean netizens, most of their favorite Kpop idols have something in common: Handsome ‘boys over flowers’ with ‘boyfriend materials’ or beautiful girl with pureness and sweetness of a first love.

Because of such a consistent ideal type, many Knets often wonder about the ‘stan attractors’ in other countries, such as Japanese – a market every idol want to break into.

Recently, an article on Theqoo has summarized 8 Kpop idols that are most popular in Japan nowadays. The article is titled: ‘The list of most popular Kpop idols in Japan shows that Japanese fans’ ideal type are very various.’ Let’s take a look at who are the mentioned faces.

Note: The article owner does not include Kpop idols with Japanese nationality because he wants to find out the ideal type of Japanese fans.








V (BTS) 

Comments of Korean netizens on the list of the most popular Kpop idols in Japan nowadays:

– They are all very handsome and beautiful!

– Lisa looks a lot like actor Komatsu Nana.

– Jeonghan really looks like a Japanese comic character.

– Honestly, V is popular everywhere.

– Chaewon is really popular in Japan. She really gives off that kawaii Japanese schoolgirl feeling.

– Many idols here look like Japanese anime or manga characters. Maybe that’s the reason why they are famous!

– Lisa is famous everywhere except for Korea.

– Tzuyu is beautiful and she will be loved everywhere.

– They are all look like main characters of anime movies. I like Chaewon and V.

– Do you know what Japan is also called? It’s Taetaeland! (Note: Taetae is the intimate name of V (BTS). It means that Japan is the area where V is very popular).

– I was a bit surprised with Baekhyun, Jaehyun, Chaewon, but the rest were too predictable.

– I’m sure Lisa is popular in Japan because she looks a lot like Komatsu Nana.

– V having the face that can’t help but be famous in Japan haha! Taetaeland!

– V and Jeonghan’s faces are capable of winning any Japanese’s heart. They are both like manga characters coming into real life.

– I don’t know what to say … They look different but they all give off a ‘Japanese ideal type’ feeling. What a miracle!

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