BTS’s Jin reveals his current situation giving fans a heart attack with his dazzling beauty

BTS’s Jin once again captivated fans around the world with his shining beauty. 

On May 13th, Jin revealed two photos through his Instagram account and surprised fans by revealing his current situation after a long time.  While Jin showed off his pure beauty in his bare face, fans felt relieved seeing him without his cast for finger injury and happy with his bright and lively appearance.

Jin continued to post 3 other photos on Instagram, drawing enthusiastic responses from global fans. “Visual King” Jin boasted his warm and handsome look in a comfortable set of a blue shirt, shorts, green bag, and slippers. 

bts jin

Jin in the released photos was taking a photo with Pokemon dolls. He was sitting on a yellow chair, putting a monster ball doll on his knees and wrapping his arms around the two Pikachu dolls. His cute and lovely appearance caught the eyes of fans. It felt as if Jin was trying to greet “Cutie Seok-jin is here again” to fans all around the world with a bright smile.

bts jin

Global fans also expressed their excitement and gave explosive reactions toward the warm side of Jin, a fan lover who revealed his little daily life moments after removing the cast on his hand. Jin often sincerely posts detailed and witty comments as well as photos, creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere to make fans laugh happily.

On the same day, Jin drew attention as he also commented under a post of BTS’s J-Hope, saying, “Don’t just press like. Leave some comments, J-Hope”.

bts jin

In response to Jin’s update, fans showed affection for him by commenting, “Our cutie appears again”, “You still shine even with your bare face”, “Considerate guy Seok-jin knew fans were waiting for him”, “The Pokemon looks so cuteㅠㅠ Jin even put his arms around them”, “Seok-jin keeps getting younger and more handsome”, “The world is brightened up by Jin’s visual”, “A whole festival starts with just some pictures”, etc.

Meanwhile, Jin’s group BTS is scheduled to release their new album “Proof” on June 10th. The released CD tracklists for “Proof” drew expectations as it contained two songs written by “Vocal King” Jin, which are “Moon” and “Epiphany”. In particular, Jin did post ‘Epiphany – Jin Demo ver.’ along with the caption “An old version of ‘Epiphany. It feels like a completely different songㅋㅋ” on the fan community platform Weverse in November last year. 

Source: Daum

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