WJSN to make a comeback on July 5th after becoming the final winner of “Queendom 2”

“Concept master” WJSN will return after a year and four months.

At noon on June 3rd, the agency Starship Entertainment unexpectedly released a “Coming Soon” image through its official SNS to announce WJSN‘s comeback.

The mysterious waves of colors in the image create a refreshing and touching feeling. In addition, Starship also announced WJSN’s comeback date of July 5th with the phrase “WJSN COMING SOON”, signaling the group’s joining the summer music industry.


WJSN’s comeback is further amplifying fans’ excitement after a year and four months since “UNNATURAL”, which was released in March last year.

After “UNNATURAL” activities, WJSN met fans by continuing various individual activities as well as units with distinct personalities and colors, such as The Black and Chocome. In particular, WJSN has distinguished itself in a variety of fields, including acting, entertainment and musicals aside from music.


Exy had her first acting challenge through JTBC’s drama “IDOL: The Coup” and was praised for portraying various aspects of youth. Exy and Seola then made their screen debut through the movie “Urban Myths”. Bona was recognized for her potential as a next-generation acting idol by playing Ko Yu-rim in tvN’s drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”, which recently ended in popularity. Dayoung, who is overflowing with talent, launched Naver Shopping Live’s “Just Trust In Dayoung” and attracted attention with her sensible volubility and hosting skills. Yeonjung is currently showing her attractive acting and vocal skills by playing Alice Russell in the musical “LIZZIE”.


In addition, they participated in a number of entertainment activities as well as drama OSTs. The members released various cover videos such as songs and performances that can showcase their charms, creating a window to communicate with Ujung (fanclub’s name) steadily even during the hiatus and filling the gap in group activities.

On top of that, on Mnet’s competition program “Queendom 2”, which ended on June 2nd, WJSN was chosen by global fans for their irreplaceable stage performances and overflowing passion, and won the final championship. They have established themselves as one of Korea’s leading K-pop girl groups through their musical experiences over the past 6 years.

queendom 2

Later, on behalf of WJSN, Exy said through the agency, “I’d like to thank the members and staff who worked hard together for the past 4 months. I’m glad that our worries and passion to make a better performance came back as a win. I love Ujung (fandom’s name) and global fans who waited and cheered for WJSN every week. We’ll repay you with a better image, so please look forward to our upcoming comeback.”

Attention is focused on whether WJSN members, who have been active in various ways with their charms, will be able to hit the summer coolly through this album.

Meanwhile, before their comeback, WJSN will hold the solo concert “2022 WJSN CONCERT WONDERLAND” at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul on June 11th~12th. It is their first face-to-face concert in three years and three months.

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