8 beauties who are voted as the most beautiful faces of K-Pop

In a vote joined by 19 different K-Pop groups, Tzuyu – TWICE’s youngest – tops the category of The most beautiful female idol

Recently, the Ilgan Sports just conducted a voting between 19 idol groups like TWICE, BTS, BLACK PINK, GOT7, WANNA ONE, Stray Kids, Momoland,…The voting has many different categories including The most handomse male idol, The male/female idol with the best body, The most successful group of 2019,…In the category of The most beautiful female idol, Tzuyu – TWICE’s youngest, tops the chart with 13 votes.

Since debut, TWICE’s maknae has become the center of attention many times before thanks to her sweet aura and perfect facial features. Also, TWICE is the winner of other categories such as The female idol you want to make friend with and The idol with the most different aura.

In 2nd place with 10 votes is Irene. Both Tzuyu and Irene are the “new goddess of K-Pop”. They were included in many charts with their beauty. The oldest sister of Red Velvet is innocently gorgeous for which some even commented that she has no dead angle. She is also complimented for looking younger than her real age which is 29 in Korean age. Even though she is gorgeous, Irene always seem tired, cold and unfriendly. That is also why she was criticized many times before.

TWICE deserves to be call the group with no visual hole. Aside from Tzuyu in 1st place, another member also got into this chart who is Sana. Each of TWICE’s member owns a different aura and Sana is cute and bubbly. Her famous “Shy shy shy” was one of the reason why TWICE is so famous now.

Jang Won Young has 6 votes. She is a well-known members and center of the group IZ*ONE. Won Young’s talent is not quite satisfactory to the public but her beauty is undeniable. Born in 2004, her height is quite impressive which is 1,69m.

YoonA is the only idol of the 2nd generation in this list. Even though she mostly focuses on acting and less on singing, her beauty is still loved by her juniors.

Jisoo on Melon Music Award 2018 stage.

Jisoo and Jennie – two members of BLACK PINK – both receives 3 votes. Jisoo is the visual of the group but her agency has not yet gave her any attention. Her parts in their group songs are usually not much, but thanks to her visual, she is in the center of attention nowadays.

On the other hand, Jennie is the agency’s favourite child. She is not too pretty but her appearance is chic and eye-catching. Especially, Jennie’s high-fashion wardrobe choice upgrades her appearance everytime. Her solo track “SOLO” was a success of Jennie after staying in the top 10 of Melon for many weeks.

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