From Kim Go-eun’s breakup with Park Jin-young to her growth, a meaningful ending to “Yumi’s Cells 2”

“Yumi’s Cells 2” heals all of its audiences until the end.

The original TVing series “Yumi’s Cells 2” unveiled its 13th and 14th episodes, the last stories, amid keen interest on July 22nd. Yumi (Kim Go-eun), who received the proposal from Bobby (Park Jin-young), eventually broke up with him and chose to be happy on her own. 

Yumi, Bobby, and Goo Woong (Ahn Bo-hyun), who remained in supportive relationships until the end despite being ex-lovers, warm everyone’s heart, and Yumi showed that she grew up realizing that parting was not the end of a relationship.

“Yumi’s Cells 2”, which led to a hot response every time, continued to be popular until the end. Throughout its broadcasting period, the drama maintained its undisputed No. 1 spot in maintaining the number of subscribed users. The drama was well-received overseas as well, making headlines.

Yumi's Cells 2

Season 2 was serviced in 160 countries including Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia at the same time as the exclusive release on TVing. A week after its release on the overseas platform “Rakuten Vicky,” the drama showed off its potential by reaching the weekly top 5 in the “American/European sector.”

“Yumi’s Cells” has reached a meaningful ending. Yumi, whose love was the most important value in life, changed little by little as she went through love and separation.

She now loves herself independently by looking into her feelings honestly, and also thinks about what she really wants. Yumi’s growth, which allows her to find her way to be happy on her own, impresses many people.

Yumi's Cells 2

Various episodes drawn in Yumi’s daily life gave the audience real empathy. The drama captivated viewers by capturing the situation and emotions that anyone would have experienced at least once in life. The animation of the Cells added to Yumi’s daily life, making it more abundant and interesting. The combination of 3D animation and live action, which was attempted for the first time in Korea, was a differentiation and strength of “Yumi’s Cells”. Viewers were able to feel a variety of fun due to cute cells’ active and fresh expression.

In season 2, in addition to the cells that have been loved a lot since season 1, “New Face” cells such as tongue cells and right-handed cells appeared, stealing viewers’ hearts. Yumi’s change and growth as well as the drama’s more exciting romance woke up many people’s love cells. The romance drawn by Yumi, who has become more mature, showed a different charm from season 1.

Yumi's Cells 2

The chemistry shown by Kim Go-eun and Park Jin-young was also perfect. Their similar figure and perfect acting chemistry helped “Yumi – Bobby Couple” gain a lot of fans.

Kim Go-eun won the Best Actress award at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards for her role in “Yumi’s Cells”, setting the formula “Yumi = Kim Go-eun”. Park Jin-young also established himself as an actor who perfectly digests romance with the role of Bobby.

Ahn Bo-hyun, who came back, also ignited the love triangle with his upgraded charm compared to season 1. In addition, the passionate performance of actors who were clearly assimilated into characters such as Lee Yu-bi, Mi Ram, Jung Soon-won and Joo Jong-hyuk made people laugh. Jeon Seok-ho, Shin Ye-eun and Pyo Ji-hoon, who made special appearances in season 2, were also enthusiastic.

The performance of voice actors is also indispensable. Famous voice actors such as Shim Kyu-hyuk, Park Ji-yoon, Ahn So-yi, Eom Sang-hyun, Lee Jang-won, Jung Jae-heon, Sa Moon-young, Kim Yeon-woo, Tak Won-jung, Lee Seul, Han Shin and Lee Sang-ho gave life to the cells with their brilliant acting from start to end. Ahn Young-mi, Yoo Se-yoon and Kang Yu-mi, who participated as special voice actors, also added fun with their impactful acting.

Meanwhile, “Yumi’s Cells Season 2” can be seen on TVING.

Source: Daum

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