6 Korean actresses who play both nice and mean characters perfectly (ft. Han So Hee, Lee Se Young, and more)

These actresses can nail both good and villainous characters. 

1. Kim Ji Won

In The Heirs, the drama that helps Kim Ji Won shoot to fame, Kim Ji Won flawlessly portrays a rich and mean fiancée of the male lead who often finds ways to hurt the female lead. However, in Descendants of the Sun and especially Fight For My Way, she receives much love for her lovely and charming female lead characters. This proves Kim Ji Won‘s versatile acting.

2. Han So Hee

In The World of the Married, Han So Hee enrages yet impresses the audience with her convincing portrayal of a mistress. However, in 2021, she has constantly transformed her image. From the naive girl who is easily fooled by “bad boys” in Nevertheless, to a feisty protagonist in My Name.

3. Seo Ji Hye

In Black Knight, Seo Ji Hye takes on the role of the male lead’s cruel first wife, who is not afraid to get rid of the female lead to satisfy her envy. In Crash Landing on You, she does a good job at playing the second female lead who helps the male lead and later finds her own love.

4. Moon Ga Young

In True Beauty, Moon Ga Young portrays a weak girl who gets bullied because of her ugly appearance. Meanwhile, in The Great Seducer, she successfully transforms into a snobby rich and cunning second female lead. 

5. Lee Se Young

In A Korean Odyssey, Lee Se Young amazingly pulls off a dual role: one side is a lovely and pure zombie girl with an unfortunate fate, the other side is the evil priestess Ah Sa Nyeo who tries to harm Sam Jang.

6. Kang Han Na

From playing devious princess Yeon Hwa in Moon Lovers that gets a lot of hate from the viewers, Kang Han Na recently took on lovable roles, such as nine-tailed fox Yang Hye Sun in My Roommate Is A Gumiho.

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