From BTS Jungkook to Song Hye Kyo, stars who help sick children smile with donations

Amid the news of BTS Jungkook donating 1 billion KRW to a children’s hospital, other stars who bring positive influence with charities are mentioned. 

On the 18th, Jungkook donated 1 billion KRW through Seoul National University Children’s Hospital, stating, “I hope to be a small help for children who are in pain. I want to support and help them to smile and be healthy.” 

Jungkook’s donation will be used for the medical expenses of low-income patients and the support of integrated care center projects.

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In response, Seoul National University Children’s Hospital expressed their gratitude, stating that “Jungkook’s help has been a great comfort to the patients and their families”, and promised to make efforts for recovery of patients and support for their families through education, counseling, and emotional therapy.

On the other hand, Lee Seung Gi donated 2 billion KRW to the same hospital at the end of last year. At the time, the singer-actor was dealing with conflicts with his former company, Hook Entertainment, and starting his own agency. Lee Seung Gi deeply empathized with the structural problems of the hospital and the difficulties faced by pediatric departments, and decided to support the improvement of medical facilities.


Accordingly, the hospital said it will use Lee Seung Gi’s sponsorship to solve the problem of overcrowding in hospital rooms and open aging facilities.

In the past, Song Hye Kyo also donated 100 million KRW to the same hospital for sick children, and Kim Go Eun has consistently donated, spreading her positive influence. These warm donations of celebrities help to put smiles on the patients’ faces, and nurture their growing dreams and hearts.


At the same time, their kind and warm gesture touches the hearts of the public.

Source: Daum 

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