5 “on-reel” brides that will take your breath away: Park Min Young still holds the dream wedding on-screen 

No matter how plain or sophisticated their wedding dress may be, these on-screen brides are stunning nonetheless. 

A crucial ingredient in romance dramas that is sure to make viewers excited is the long-awaited wedding ceremony where the main couple make their way into the isle. The on-screen brides immediately become the spotlight in her stunning wedding gown. 

1. Yoona

 Yoona in “Big Mouth” was the most loved on-screen bride last September. Stunning as she is, Yoona as a bride in her silk dress only appeared through photos after her character had passed away. Choosing a plain dress and light makeup, Yoona boasts of her “bare-face” look that has an undeniable sweet charm. 

2. Seohyun

Seohyun is another Girls’ Generation member to have a chance wearing a wedding dress in “Private Life”. For her on-screen wedding, Seohyun wore an elegant and stylish silky white dress with a deep rectangle neckline. A layer of chiffon helped direct attention to her slender shoulder. The under part of the dress was layered to style a princess look. Despite her magical look, the dress was worn in a scene where Seohyun was deceived at her own wedding. 

3. Park Min Young

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” has turned four years old but Park Min Young in her on-screen wedding gown still holds up as the best bride on the Korean screen. The actress had the most fairy-tale-like wedding ceremony, an event not many couples on-screen could have. Not least expected from the bride of a Chairman, from the wedding gown to the veil and jewelries are all luxurious items showing off their class and intricacy. 

4. Shin Hye Sun

Shin Hye Sun was the Queen of Joseon in “Mr. Queen”, therefore, her outfits on-screen all shine with grace and high status. Embodying the traditional spirit of Jeseon, Shin Hye Sun wore the traditional clothing and headpiece that are no less sophisticated and elegant. 

5. Jeon Ji Hyun

Jeon Ji Hyun once wore a stylized and modern wedding dress in “Legend of the Blue Sea”. In her wedding, she put on light makeup with a off one-shoulder dress along with a flower crown, boasting a sweet and innocent beauty. Jeon Ji Hyun was definitely stunning, but the background was pretty ironic. At this scene, she and the male lead were brought to the police station while the police themselves were hypnotized and imagined the scene of a happy wedding. 

Image source: Mydramalist

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