Analysing BTS Jungkook’s face

Here are the GIFs and photos of BTS Jungkook’s face in details that the ARMYs proudly adore.

JK face 1

This is an analysis of Jungkook’s face that based wholely on a very subjective point of view. Are you ready? Let”s start! 

1, The shape of his face (and his head)

JK face 2
A perfectly round head without any angles
JK face 3
His head is not too big, the chin is smooth and the line from his ear to his chin is extremely short.
JK face 4
A perfectly round face
JK face 5
A smooth line without any shade or prominence
JK face 6
JK face 7
The jaw area of his face is so short
JK face 8
A youger appearance with a short chin (though he’s still really young in real life)
JK face 9
I jusst wanna touch his cute round head~
JK face 11
JK face 12
JK head 1
JK head 2
JK head 3
Do you know he has a coconut head?
JK face 20
A smooth face meets a small jaw line~ There we have him!
JK face 23
However, the highlight of his facial figure is definitely his jawline
JK face 24
Jungkook, who looks like kid, soon has his bone structure grow along with his age
JK face 25
What a sharp jawline~
JK face 29
The transformation
JK face 30
Anywway, without the jawline, Jungkook still looks like a cute rabbit from the front
JK face 31
But from the profile side, a sassy oppa~?

2, His eyes

JK face 34
Jungkook’s eyes are big and stiffy, but the pupil is black and clear, so sparkling~
His double eyelid is also spewing out its presence~
JK face 36
However, large eyes, round eyes and thick double eyelids can be really sexy~
JK face 37
Sometimes, his double eyelid is too thin that it just dissapears
But it’s also depends on different conditions as well

3, His nose

Nose 1
Jungkook’s nose is a little bit short and the tip of his nose is slightly thin
Nose 2
Idk how to explain, but the lower part of his nose looks kinda like the shape of number 3…
nose 4
The tip of his nose is so round too, that’s why he always looks cute~
nose 5
But here’s a musculine looks with that cute round tip nose!

4, His lips

Lip 1
An element for that cute rabbit look is his lips
lip 2
The upper lip is thin but the bottom lip is slightly chubby~
Face in total
Smiley face + thin top lip + a slightly larger front tooth = A rabbit is born!

Source: theqoo

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