Two fandoms decided to support PENTAGON by changing their lightstick color

ONCE (TWICE’s fandom) and CARAT (SEVENTEEN’s fandom) are planning to show some support for PENTAGON, who is on the edge of their career after many scandals in a row from the past few days.

Recently, the name PENTAGON has been spreading widely on both Korean and international media. It started when 4 of the members were caught in dating scandals, resulting in their fans’ rejection and negative attitude towards the members. Most notable of which was fans cancelling their concert tickets, requesting E’DAWN to leave the group and demanding PENTAGON as well as CUBE to refund everything for them, both physical and emotional aspects.

Two fandoms decided to support PENTAGON by changing their lightstick color

In concerns for the group’s future that it might be destroyed forever due to the rejection of their own fans, many other fandoms such as ONCE and CARAT are planning to cheer for PENTAGON, so that the group can somehow strengthen their spirit and be able to get over the storm ahead of them.

According to schedules, on August 11th and 12th, PENTAGON will perform at KCON in Los Angeles, the United States. Apart from the CUBE’s boys, there will be many other artists along with their fandoms as well. In addition, before the event, ONCE and CARAT communities have been calling out on SNS about their plan to switch their lightstick color into universe blue, the signature color that represents PENTAGON to cheer for them.

Thanks to this heartfelt action, many other fandoms have also joined this special “campaign” to give PENTAGON lots of strength so that they can survive this downfall of their career.

Source: Tinnhac

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