BTS Jin won 1st place in First Meeting Free Pass Award… 2nd Minho, 3rd Suho

BTS Jin won 1st place in First Meeting Free Pass Award... 2nd Minho, 3rd Suho
BTS Jin won 1st place in a fan-voting award called ‘First Meeting Free Pass’
A mobile app based on idols, ‘IDOLCHAMP‘, has held a vote from July 2nd to July 16th with the title “Which man idols will make parents say ‘O son-in-law’ immediately and get ‘First Meeting Free Pass Award?”. Among the idols, as the one who lives with the righteous and sincere image to parents, the final result was BTSJin, who ranked 1st with 32.1% votes.
Jin is the member who has the most aegyo in BTS, although he is the eldest brother. Specifically, he has an ‘Ajaegag’ appearance and it is loved by the elder. In the results, fans said that “Jin is worldwide handsome and aegyo, his ajaegag makes him an artisan worldwide, he will capture the heart of parents-in-law”. On the other hand, global group BTS is getting expectation by the announcement that they will make a comeback with the final album ‘Answer’ in the series ‘Love Yourself’, on August 24.
SHINee’s Minho was ranked in 2nd place with 21.7%. Minho is one of the passionate idols, nicknamed ‘flame charisma’. He has a good voice and image, and an enthusiastic personality, which will make all the dads in this world say “You will be suitable for my daughter”.
In third place, EXO’s Suho has 13.0% of the votes. Suho belongs to ‘SM’s three most enthusiastic men’ including Minho and U-know Yunho. As a leader, he is deep and polite, and he is good at acting, singing and dancing.
Moreover, other male idols who were mentioned in “First Meeting Free Pass Award” were Seventeen’s DK at 4th place, GOT7’s Jinyoung at 5th place, Monsta X’s Shownu at 6th, Yoon Doojoon at 7th, Astro Cha Eun Woo at 8th, and NCT’s Jaehyun at 9th.

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