4th Gen female Kpop idols and special nicknames they earned for outstanding visuals 

The 4th Generation of Kpop girl groups has been full of outstanding beauties, and the public have lovingly given them nicknames worthy of their visuals. 

Recently debuted Kpop girl groups of the 4th generation are blowing netizens away with their astounding appearances, perfect physique, and outstanding talents.  In fact, some of these idols are so gorgeous calling them “goddesses” just won’t cut it anymore, and the public now title them with other nicknames worthy of their beauty. IVE’s Wonyoung, aespa’s Karina, ITZY’s Yuna, Nmixx’s Sullyoon, and STAYC’s Yoon are the lucky faces. 

Some 4th gen Kpop idols have received special nicknames. 

STAYC’s Yoon is lovingly called “SIMS” by her fans. This nickname is both a spin on Yoon’s family name “Shim”, and a way to compare the female idol’s stunning visuals with characters in the computer game SIMS.

Yoon’s appearance is compared to SIMS characters. 
The idol has a serious stage presence while performing. 

Since debut, Nmixx’s Sullyoon has been praised by most of the public for her spectacular looks. The JYP idol exudes a class and innocent vibe, and her aura on the stage resembles that of a fairy. That’s why Sullyoon is now often dubbed as a “fairy” 

Sullyoon’s fairy-like appearance. 
No angle can dampen this gorgeous face. 
Adding to that is a charming presence on the stage. 

When she first debuted, the appearance of ITZY’s Yuna was not exactly well-received. However through time, determination, and hardwork, Yuna is now known as a top visual of 4th gen Kpop. Alongside her nickname “body queen” due to her perfect physique, Yuna is also called “Queenka”,  the Korean abbreviation for “Queen Bee”, which refers to the most fashionable and popular girl in school. 

Yuna’s body figure is simply insane.
The idol is called “Queenka” in Korea, which is equivalent to “Queen Bee” in the US.

True to her group’s concept, aespa’s Karina has earned the nickname “CG”, which is short for “computer graphics”. According to fans, the name suggests that Karina’s appearance is so surreal and flawless, it might have been rendered from a computer.

aespa karina
Karina is said to look like computer graphics. 
aespa karina
She never fails to charm the audience while performing. 

Finally, “princess” is the lovely nickname of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung. The female idol is always looking classy and elegant, as if she’s a princess that walked out of a fairy tale. 

Jang Won-young
Wonyoung has a princess-like aura. 
Jang Won-young
Her visuals are the talk of town among Korean netizens. 

These loving nicknames have somewhat proven the popularity of these Gen 4 idols. With their visuals and talents, they will only continue to grow further in the future. 

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