Studio CEO involved in Yang Yewon’s scandal commits suicide

First confession -> Katalks released -> Studio CEO commits suicide… two months of the Yang Yewon scandal

On May 19th, Youtuber Yang Yewon confessed on her facebook and youtube ‘I am a victim of sexual crime’. She has volunteered to be a fitting model, but on the day of filming, it was revealed that the studio was surrounded by men and subjected to sexual harassment by taking coercive exposure pictures.
▲ May 25th: Studio CEO publicizied kakaotalk conversation
Six days later, Money Today unveiled the conversation on kakaotalk between A – Director of the studio and Yang Yewon. In the conversation, Yang Yewon asked Mr.A ‘Can you arrange a schedule?’. Representative of the police said “It is a serious second attack. The suspects reported this only to sow public debate. He cricticized it as ‘typical conciliation, intimidation and water riding’.
▲ May 26: Yang Yewon explaned on those Katalk conversation
Yang Yewon has an exclusive interview with Swabs News, said, “We always talk about those inconvenient things on the phone.”
She talked about the asmostphere in the katalk conversation: “I have your picture. Think carefully”. She also added “The most scary thing is not to spill, so I thought I should not touch those people.”
▲ July 3: Arrested the photographer of Yang Yewon’s scandal
After repeated police investigations, Mr. B was arrested on July 3, the first photographer of Yang Yewon’s exposure. Mr. B was photographed in July, 2015, exposing pictures of Yang Yewon, and was charged with molesting Yang Yewon at the time of shooting. Mr. B has denied the allegations, claiming that he had “photographed but lost the storage device containing the photos.”
▲ July 9: Studio CEO Mr. A commited sucide at North Hangang River
It was reported by police that Mr.A has commited sucide at Misa Bridge in Namyangju, Gyeonggi. On the scene, it was reported that the vehicles and documents were found. Mr. A, who had been investigated five times since May, was initially scheduled to be investigated earlier this morning, but did not appear in the police.
Police have speculated that A was exposed to exposure and that two victims who allegedly suffered from the spread of exposure photos appeared to be addicted and felt extreme due to their psychological burden.

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