32 million shoes made by G-Dragon himself put on sale, baffling netizens

On March 9th, an article titled “Nike x peaceminusone Kwondo 1 F&F Genuine” was published on a second-hand trading site, which attracted attention.

G-Dragon shoes

The “Nike X peaceminusone Kwondo 1 F&F” is G-Dragon’s third collaboration product with sports brand Nike. 

Unlike general products that can be bought in the market, G-Dragon made only 111 pairs of these shoes and presented them to his close acquaintances. It is known that the box containing the product has the recipient’s name handwritten by G-Dragon and a number engraved on the inside.

G-Dragon shoes

On the second-hand market, the seller said, the “Nike X peaceminusone Kwondo 1 F&F” is a genuine pair I received as a gift. He also explained that the item is for sale as a full pack, except for the box with the real name written on it. Meanwhile, the engraved number has been erased on published images to protect personal information, but buyers can check it in real life at the time of purchase.

The product, which is priced at 32 million won by the seller, has not yet been sold as of 10 am on March 14th (KST).

On the other hand, in November 2021, G-Dragon drew attention by posting a photo of various “Nike X peaceminusone Kwondo 1 F&F” product boxes on his Instagram.

If the Nike logo on regular products is white, this product uses pink and sky blue on the left and yellow and blue-green on the right.

Seeing the shoes on sale, netizens in the online community left comments such as:

  • They are really selling the shoes they received from G-Dragon for 32 million won…
  • I can’t believe I’m seeing shoes worth 32 million won
  • How can one confidently wrote that they received it as a gift like that
  • Just how difficult is their life getting to be selling something they received as a gift?

Meanwhile, peaceminusone is a fashion brand founded by G-Dragon. Only a limited number are sold, and most products are priced high. Collaboration products and regular items of the brand are released in a “surprise” format without any prior notice.

Source: wikitree

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