‘Hyuna’s ex-lover’ Dawn refuses to have new girlfriend despite the offer of earning 4 times 

Singer Dawn said he would not have a new girlfriend.

The entertainment program “Alien HoHwiHyo”, which aired on August 30th, showed Lee Jin Ho, Hwimin and Dawn recruiting artists in Hongdae.

Hyuna -dawn

After meeting 10cm Kwon Jung Yeol and walking around the streets to recruit members, the three entered a maid cafe. As soon as they entered the cafe, they met two maids who did cute actions, saying “Since you’re our first customers, we’ve prepared some gifts for you”. The maids then put animal ears props on the three’s heads and said, “If you want to order something, please say ‘nyang nyang’”.

Following the maids, a mysterious shaman named ‘Butterfly goddess’ appeared. After examining the three members, she looked at Dawn and said, “You will have a new woman soon. Remember the maids you met earlier? With them, you can make 4 times the amount you’re earning now”.

Hyuna -dawn

Hearing that, Dawn immediately refused the offer, saying “I don’t need that”. However, the maid ran to Dawn and showed her cute charms, saying “I’ll be with Hyojong (Dawn’s real name) forever”, drawing laughter.

Lee Jin Ho suspected, “I think we met a fake fortune teller. Who is she?”. Embarrassed by the question, the shaman said, “Anyway, being with these two (maids) can help you make money”. As a result, the three hurriedly escaped from the cafe.

“Alien HoHwiHyo” releases new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday on U+Mobile.

Source: Nate

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