3 times a celebrity got into a scandal because of their parents’ debt (ft. TWICE’s Nayeon)

It is reported that TWICE’s Nayeon won the lawsuit worth 600 million won.

The incident also began with the debt of her parents, not Nayeon herself. It’s called a “Parent debt scandal”. There are some celebrities who caused controversy over their parents’ debts. Some have gained criticism from the public while others have gained understanding. The difference lies in their attitude toward the debt.

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On September 19th, the Seoul Eastern District Court ruled A’s loss in a loan lawsuit filed by ex-lover A of Nayeon’s mother against her and her mother. The court acknowledged that A transferred more than 500 million won to Nayeon over 12 years. However, it was judged that there was insufficient evidence to prove it as a loan.

Nayeon made her debut as TWICE in 2015 while the lawsuit was filed in January last year. At the trial, A said, “At the request of Nayeon’s mother at the time, I lent her necessary funds such as living expenses,” and claimed, “she promised to pay back the money when Nayeon, who was a trainee, debuted as a singer, but Nayeon broke her promise.

However, according to the court’s ruling, there is no reason for Nayeon to pay back 600 million won. 

On the other hand, Nayeon’s incident has made the public look back at other parent debt scandals.

Recently, rapper Microdot ended his career gap and made an official appearance. The reason why he couldn’t be active was his parents’ debt. Microdot’s parents borrowed about 400 million won from relatives and villagers in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province, from 1990 to 1998, and did not repay them.


He was later put on trial for fleeing to New Zealand. In response, his father was sentenced to three years in prison and his mother to one year in prison by the court. He has served his sentence and has been deported to New Zealand.

At that time, Microdot said that the accusation was “groundless”. However, all the charges were found to be true by the court. For that reason, Microdot received considerable criticism from the public.

There were also allegations of debt disputes against rapper Dok2’s mother. Victim B said he lent Dok2’s mother about 10 million won after the IMF financial crisis, but she disappeared.

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In response, a lawsuit was filed against the rapper’s mother, and the court ruled that she had to pay back 11,554,500 won over a certain period of time. At this time, Dok2’s attitude became controversial. He himself said, “I never went into hiding (because of the mother’s debt controversy) and my mother borrowed money 20 years ago to cover up an urgent matter. I’ve never cheated, I just took legal action. It was all closed in 2003,” he said.

In addition, the problem was his inappropriate attitude toward the person who lent the money. He said 10 million won was just “a monthly meal” and told him “If you didn’t get the money, come to me.” There may be no legal problems, but he was criticized for his attitudes.

The debt of the parents is not a problem of their children. The problem is how they deal with it. Different attitudes can be seen in the same situation. This is why Microdot and Dok2 are criticized and Nayeon is not.

Sources: daum

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