Lee Hye-ri is ready to accept the chilly but warm wishes (“100 Won Butler”)

A character video has been released in which Lee Hye-ri, a “100 Won Butler,” shows the viewers her mysterious abilities.

On Sep 8th, MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “100 Won Butler,” which will premiere on October 19th, released a character video and teaser poster of Baek Dong-ju (Lee Hye-ri), who listens to the unusual requests of guests from the “Other World”.

“100 Won Butler” depicts a mutual aid project between funeral director Baek Dong-ju, who listens to the request of the deceased, and Butler Kim (played by Lee Joon-young), who operates a service company for the living. The team play of the two butlers who listen to and provide “anything” to help anyone across the dead and the living is suspected to be dynamic. Chilly but warm, sneaky but heartbreaking quaint requests will give viewers a deep sympathy in a pleasant laugh.

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Above all, the synergy created by trustworthy actors such as Lee Hye-ri, Lee Joon-young, Song Deok-ho, Han Dong-hee, Tae In-ho, Lee Kyu-han, and Oh Dae-hwan also excites drama fans.

Meanwhile, the released character video shows funeral director Baek Dong-ju’s chilling adaptation to the “other world” by “giving whatever” the deceased wishes for. Baek Dong-ju, who became a funeral instructor with the extraordinary determination of “I want to work here until the day my black hair turns gray,” was shocked to see the young deceased body calling for her. The phrase “When I touch the bodies, the deceased wakes up?” foretells the special days ahead of funeral director Baek Dong-ju.


At first, Baek Dong-ju did not know if her ability was a blessing or a curse as the deceased refuses to continue to the other world. However, the more she goes against it for some reason, all kinds of unlucky misfortunes continue for her. The only way for her to save herself from a pathetic life is to grant the wishes of the dead. Baek Dong-ju’s scream of “Why, why did I get chosen?” amplifies curiosity about what actually happened to her.

The teaser poster released together with the character video is also interesting. The sparkling dreamcatcher hanging from the window where the sun is breaking creates a mysterious atmosphere. The meaning of the number “21” written in the dreamcatcher, which eats away your nightmares and gives you good dreams, adds to viewers’ curiosity. On top of that, the phrase “What can I do for you?” further raises expectations for the performance of the “100 Won Butler” who fulfills the dreams and wishes of the deceased.


Lee Hye-ri will return as Baek Dong-ju, a funeral instructor who “gives whatever” the deceased wishes for as she has a strange ability that allows her to talk to the dead. If the deceased’s last wish is not fulfilled, she must live her life in misery. Attention is drawn to Lee Hye-ri’s transformation that will maximize Baek Dong-ju’s charm, who sympathizes with and listens to people’s stories after they die.

Meanwhile, “100 Won Butler” will premiere on October 19th.

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