‘2001 Miss Korea’ Kim Min Kyung, “My best friend Jeon Ji Hyun worked very hard at school… We were among the 4 goddesses of Dongguk University”

Kim Min Kyung appeared on “Problem Child in House” and mentioned Jeon Ji Hyun.

KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House” broadcast on March 1st featured “The Assassin” cast, including Shin Hyun Joon, Lee Moon Sik, and Kim Min Kyung.

kim min kyung

Kim Min Kyung, who won Miss Korea in 2001, is known as one of the four goddesses of Dongguk Unversity. The other three are Jeon Ji Hyun, Han Chae Young, and So Yoo Jin.

Kim Min Kyung said, “Four of us were close friends. Before entering school, you have to get an acceptance certificate, right? I came from Daegu by train and while going to the school’s sports hall, I saw a beautiful girl walking the same way. I asked her if she knew the way to the sports hall and she said, ‘Come with me’. That was Yoo Jin”.

kim min kyung

She continued, “My birthday is August 10th, and school began on August 11th. I naturally became close to Yoo Jin then Chae Young, and lastly Ji Hyun”.

When Kim Sook asked, “Wasn’t it crazy that the four of you went to school together?”, Kim Min Kyung said, “Especially, Ji Hyun worked very hard at school. When we went to the school canteen, there was a line of people waiting to get her autograph”, revealing Jeon Ji Hyun’s popularity.

In addition, Kim Min Kyung also told the story of when she gained 20,000 anti-fans after winning Miss Korea. She also shared her thoughts on the rumors she suffered at that time. 

Source: Daum

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