Yunho (DBSK) under fire for publishing children’s books while once embroiled in a sensitive scandal

Yunho (DBSK) has always been known for his serious and exemplary image. However, his image has completely collapsed after the scandal of going to an illegal adult entertainment establishment past curfew and running away from the police in March. After that, the leader of the DBSK team had to stop all activities and “disappear” from social networks.

Until now, Yunho has returned, but not as an idol… but as a writer of children’s books. Yunho and Changmin participated in the children’s program ‘Check This Out’ and wrote 2 children’s books called ‘I’m the youngest’ and ‘Friends I’ve Met’. Yunho’s book will be released on September 20. However, netizens did not welcome this comeback.


Due to his prior sensitive scandal, several netizens left harsh comments, claiming that Yunho was unsuitable for the children’s program: “Of all the things he can do, he writes children’s books,” “What does he expect children to learn from him,” “Another title for the book: ‘Sleeping Beauty in the Facility’ entertain'”…

Although SM Entertainment has denied the allegations that Yunho tried to run away from the police, his appearance at an adult entertainment establishment is a deadly blow to the male idol’s scandal-free career. Yunho is now still the target of netizens’ attention and criticism.

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