“You got married 4 years ago”… Yoo Jae-seok’s sudden revelation of Lee Mi-joo’s past surprises everyone

Yoo Jae-seok disclosed the shocking past of Lee Mi-joo on “Sixth Sense 3”.

The new broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “Sixth Sense 3”, which aired at 8:40 on April 29th, featured Koyote’s leader Kim Jong-min and comedian Lee Eun-ji as guests.

The Sixth Sense 3

Lee Mi-joo, who was waiting to have a love line, could not hide her disappointment after knowing the identity of the guests. Lee Eun-ji picked Oh Na-ra as the member she wanted to meet the most. Jessi and Lee Mi-joo showed sad expressions. Lee Eun-ji soothed Jessi by saying, “Jessi~ Sexy~”. Upon hearing this, Jessi asked back, “Who is your favorite singer?”. Lee Eun-ji answered, “Jessi~ Sexy~”. At this point, Mi-joo angrily said, “I’m a singer, too”.

Mi-joo turned to Kim Jong-min and asked, “Aren’t you participating in a dating program these days?”. The program Mi-joo mentioned was “Taste of Dating”, which ended 4 years ago. Mi-joo got embarrassed as soon as she heard the production team say, “That program already ended”.


Yoo Jae-seok told Mi-joo, “You also got married, didn’t you?”. Yoo Jae-seok was actually talking about “In-laws In Practice”, which was aired 4 years ago. Mi-joo shouted “Oh My God” as she was so shocked and embarrassed by the sudden mention of her past show. Seeing Mi-joo’s reaction, Yoo Jae-seok said “You married Hyuk-soo, right?” and continued to tease her until the end. Mi-joo went blank for a while then tried to respond in a natural way, saying, “We divorced without problems”.

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