Yoona, “The sesame leaf debate, just take each piece out yourself to eat”

Yoona revealed the process of "King the Land" team filming scenes in Thailand.

On August 1st, Yoona’s Youtube channel “Yoona‘s So Wonderful Day” uploaded a new video titled “Yoong-chive |  Seeing Bangkok night view on a cruise ship, with Girls’ Generation during waiting time | Behind the scenes of ‘King the Land’ filming in Thailand”. 

"King the Land" team filming scenes in Thailand

The video shows Yoona visiting Thailand to shoot JTBC’s ongoing drama “King the Land”.

While preparing for the filming, Yoona watched Girls’ Generation’s concert. She said, “I really want to watch a Girls’ Generation concert from the audience seat. We talked about that all the time”. When her favorite song was played, Yoona exclaimed, “I like this song”.

King the Land team filming scenes in Thailand

Yoona also enjoyed the wonderful night view while filming on a cruise ship. Her yellow dress reminded fans of Emma Stone in the famous movie “La La Land”.

Appearing at the night market in casual clothes, the staff complimented Yoona, saying “Why are you so pretty when all you’re wearing is a white shirt?”.

On the day she ate Korean food, Yoona showed the sesame leaf in front of the camera and firmly said, “So here is what you should do about the sesame leaf debate. They won’t come off. You just do this to take each piece out yourself. One at a time”, drawing laughter.

Source: Naver

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