Yoon Bo-ra (Sistar) to play a nun in JTBC’s upcoming drama “The One and Only”

Actress Yoon Bo-ra will appear in JTBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “The One and Only” and challenge the role of a nun for the first time ever since her debut.

The drama “The One and Only” (written by Moon Jung-min, directed by Oh Hyun-jong, produced by KeyEast and JTBC Studio) is a melodrama telling the story of 3 women who meet each other in a hospice and have decided to kill one bad person before they die. The three will face ‘one person’ who is truly precious to them.

In this drama, Yoon Bo-ra will take on the role of Veronica, a nun who manages the hospice. She looks a little childish and easy-going rather than a calm personality, but together with Magdalena (Lee Soo-mi), she is enthusiastic about helping hospice patients.

Yoon Bo-ra The One and Only

Expressing her feelings about acting in this drama, Yoon Bo-ra said, “This is a work in which I could find happiness in small moments. I feel thankful that I was able to work with great actors and staff. I’m working hard to show you better performances, so please look forward to the drama.”

After playing an important role in SBS’s drama “Dr. Romantic 2”, Yoon Bo-ra starred in “Cafe Midnight Season 2”, which ended this year, drawing the viewers’ sympathy for her positive energy and bright charm as well as proving her growth as an actor.

Yoon Bo-ra The One and Only

Challenging the role of a nun for the first time in “The One and Only”, Yoon Bo-ra is expected to show transformation through a new story and new character.


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