YG was behind the super-luxury prostitution service in Europe

Evidence has been secured that YG employees were involved in the overseas prostitution situation in Europe

On June 24th, MBC’s “News Desk” reported allegations of YG Entertainment’s involvement with Jeong Madam overseas’ sexual service.

According to “News Desk”, the staff at YG Entertainment organized and led women of Jeong Madam’s brothel in Kangnam into this overseas prostitution service.

In October 2014, there were Korean women at a southern French city called Monaco. The women were those from entertainment establishments who visited Europe through the invitation of Malaysian financier Jho Low. It was Jeong Madam (a person known to have close ties with the former head of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-suk) who led about 10 women from her entertainment establishments to leave the country.

“Jeong Madam decided to pay 10 million won to 20 million won to women who accompanied her to Europe,” MBC said. “She even made it clear that they were on a business trip and not a travel one.”

Upon arriving in France at that time, the Chung Madam party reportedly spent the night on a super-rich yacht owned by Jho Low. Chung Madam’s group also traveled to southern France and Italy, and continued shopping for luxury goods, according to the informant.

Also, a woman who took part in the trip at the time said, “There was one girl called by the name “A” at our establishment, and I remember that she was Jho Low’s partner. I know that Jho Low bought a lot of luxury goods for her during our trip to Europe that time”.

Participants who went to Europe for the aforementioned business trip, pointed out that YG employees were the ones who arranged the “overseas business trip.” In other words, Jho Low conveyed his intention of inviting the women to the YG employees, who then arranged the deal with Jeong Madam.

“We also secured testimony that Jho Low was the one who paid the women and caused the problems, while it was YG, not Jeong Madam, who arranged the overseas prostitute service,” News Desk said.

Meanwhile, News Desk said it had tried to contact the YG employee several times to ask for any objection, but still haven’t received any answer.

Based on the report, police are summoning those involved for questioning.

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